Peter Merry pushing out the boundaries of understanding reality again. Seems like this dirty-blonde Brit was born to inquire into the nature of being and bring out the playful flow of the universe in everything he touches. Rock on rabble rouser, the mechanisms of our current illusion are shaking as we collectively question the who what and why of reality.
— Barrett Brown, PhD


I created this website for people to be able to follow my thinking about volution. Initially I used it to post the elements of my PhD dissertation as it emerged to gather comments and suggestions. With the PhD complete, I hope it will become a home for reflections and stories about volution and its implications.

The PhD was completed successfully through Ubiquity University's Wisdom School. Below are links to each of the sections of the dissertation and here is a link to a PDF of the full final dissertation.

Here are links to the latest versions of the main sections of the dissertation:


1. Introduction

2. Trinity

3. Polarity and Potential

4. The Holographic Breath

5. An Octave Perspective

6. Volution in the Individual, Culture and Society

7. Implications and Practices

8. Conclusion

The dissertation was approved through oral defence by a board comprised of Dr. Jude Currivan my Major Advisor (Oxford and Reading universities), Dr. Jim Garrison President of Ubiquity University (Harvard and Cambridge universities), Dr. Will Taegel Dean of Ubiquity's Wisdom School (Emory and Wisdom universities), Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo Ubiquity's Dean of Doctoral Students (Sorbonne university) and Dr Kingsley Dennis the external examiner (Lancaster and Nottingham universities).

Nothing is invented, for it’s written in nature first.
Originality consists of returning to the origin.
— Antoni Gaudi