There are three main areas for the application of volution theory and related practices.

Training & Talks


Peter Merry can deliver inspiring and engaging talks about volution and the latest science around energetics. He knows how to keep it simple and grounded. 

Custom-made workshops and training programs for leaders or organizational consultants can equip you with just what you need to start accessing this domain of great potential.



Wanting to know how you could apply the latest scientific and consciousness practices to your organization or habitat, to increase positive  impact and help achieve your goals?

Wanting someone to reflect with you on your current practices? Or just interested in a fresh holistic perspective on a particular challenge you are facing? 



You can't ignore the evidence any more! You know there is a powerful and grounded way to deal more gracefully with complex systems and challenges.

Volution practitioners can guide you through the implementation of the most appropriate energetic intervention so you and your context can achieve your goals with greater ease and impact.

Peter Merry PhD is a qualified ECOintention Practitioner. He works with a network of experienced professionals.