Practices for Working with Large-Scale Energetics

This third video in the energetics module from my Transformational Leadership course ( goes into detail about how you can understand the different components of collective energy fields and engage with them. It draws particularly on the work of ECOintention (previously known as ECOtherapy).

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The 3 person perspectives in volution

I just had this thought the other day that seems to make sense.

The image illustrates this process that I describe in the volution thesis - when we look to expand our consciousness we have to heal past trauma in parallel (as at…/…/3/3/an-octave-perspective):


In this section I originally wrote:

"The light of the new information triggers an expansive drive for greater agency and freedom, while at the same time love and understanding are needed to embrace and integrate the past. These two fundamental dynamics that happen in parallel to each other reflect two of the main drives of a holon (see above) that Wilber (2005) describes, agency and communion."

I am going to add:

"This stretching for the light, reconnecting with love and being in the middle of that, could be seen as an expression of the three person perspectives of language. Reaching out to something outside of us, an “it”, is a third person expression, reconnecting with love to past trauma in us to put humpty-dumpty back together again is engaging in a relationship with a second person “you” to make a “we”, while the first person “I” sits at the centre of this dynamic. In this way the three person perspectives can be seen as part of the dynamic volution of life, not simply categories of perspective."

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Aspects of Energetic Architecture

This video, from my Ubiquity Transformational Leadership course (, describes the various aspects of an energetic architecture in collective systems - what it is composed of and how can you assess its fitness to achieve its purpose. It is based on my work as an ECOintention Practitioner (formerly ECOtherapy) - see  See also An Introduction to Energetic Architecture if you want more context.

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